Crazy cocoa consumption: unconventional chocolate pairings

Bombay Bad Boy chocolate cheesecake sliced

Whilst simultaneously nibbling on a savoury oatcake, an ooey gooey fantastically fudgy piece of gorgonzola dolce, and a crisp square of dark chocolate straight from the fridge, it occured to me that I can’t be the only oddball. Surely others, many others, consume chocolate in a slightly strange manner?

It transpires that indeed they do. I threw it out there on social media, canvassing Facebook’s wonderful Walthamstow Food and Drink Society to provide quirky responses to the question; how do you eat yours? And, lo! Closeted cocoaweirdos came out of the woodwork in their droves….


Chuao chocolate potato chip {Guerrilla Futures Jason Tester} Foter CC BY-ND

Why waste valuable time eating a packet of crisps then a bar of chocolate, when you could combine the two in a single snackette (just like the Chuao Chocolatier bar above)? So say Jeanette Scull, who finds that a Twix is that little bit more ‘in the mix’ when combined with cheese and onion crisps. The wonderfully-named Eleanor Careless enjoys the sharpness of salt and vinegar against sweet milk chocolate.

Fiona Stevens Smith concurs with the combo – specifically, Smith’s crinkle cut and a Yorkie bar. One of my oldest gal pals Joanne Betts finds Drifters are at their most divine when one still has a fair few Nik Nak crumbs packed into one’ teeth from a pre-consumed pack. All class. The chocolate, she opines, should be somewhat shoddy, and the Nik Naks the Nice’n’Spicy sort.


Bombay Bad Boy chocolate cheesecake recipe

Joanne is also a fan of Duke of Delhi‘s chocolate-chunk laden Bombay (actually, Delhi) mix – a combination with which I concur. If you, too, like the sound of simultaneously sating a craving for cocoa and a spicy snack, check out my recipes for Bombay Bad Boy chocolate cheesecake and Bombay Mix truffles – the latter treats that have reportedly become Jeanette’s preferred party favour.


Rubis chocolate wine bottle

Think both chocolate and wine are pretty fine? Fiona Stevens Smith and Lynn Beechey preach the gospel of consuming chilled 70-80% dark chocolate with red wine; holding the two together in the mouth til the tastes mingle. With it’s plummy, antique-oak-and-shiraz savour, I reckon Hotel Chocolate’s Rabot Estate Single Côte choc would be cracking imbibed thus.


Rococo hot chocolate

Not so much an odd combination as a rather secretive squirreling of contraband cocoa; but Ana Elvia Carrasco-Bustillos breaks chocolate into chunks and hides it in a mug. Why? Because it keeps it from the kids, who innocently believe the cup contains coffee. She suggests she should be looking for a support group – I think she needs a round of applause for ingenuity.


Paul A Young Marmite brownie

Paul A Young might not have been present when a stoned Sarah Irwin happened upon the greatness of granary toast with Marmite and chocolate ice cream many moons ago, but he certainly also says yes to yeast extract with cocoa (check out his Marmite brownie). Keen to try Sarah’s salty-sweet, hot-and-cold combo for yourself? She suggests a smooth-melting, chunk-free, good-quality ice cream.


Hotel Chocolat chocolate gingerbread spread Christmas festive spiced

Fellow bread-head Roberta Vernocchi couples chocolate with ‘good bread’; literally layering the two like a sandwich. Were I to try this treat, the addition of a bit of butter of the slightly-salted sort would be essential and, I expect, quite heavenly. I would recommend Pump Street Bakery’s Sourdough & Sea Salt bean-to-bar chocolate to anyone who enjoys the idea of the carby combo.


bacon chocolate tart Danny Kingston

Okay, this quirk is mine. But Danny Kingston, whose superhero alias is the ever-hungry Food Urchin, liked my pork scratchings-and-mulled-wine-sugar-infused dark chocolate bar enough for it to inform his Godiva Chocolate Challenge Candied bacon and chocolate tart with a pork scratching snap recipe. Scratchings and chocolate = umami; ooh daddy; and indeed anyone else you claim to namecheck. The combo’s that good.


….Well, below – if you should let me know of your own ker-azy combo in the comments. It’s not a competition, but I can offer you the guaranteed reward of looking like a prize wrong’un when you make your revelation…

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