Eggshellent Easter eggs for the chocolate-crazy

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket this Easter. Feast your eyes on these awesome ovoids, order ’em all, and avoid making a choice – because making a pig of yourself is far more fun.

Fortnum & Mason Chocolate beehive sculpture

Fortnum & Mason beehive Easter egg Valrhona chocolate

One is almost guaranteed to awe-fully exclaim, ‘oh, beehive’ when beholding this beauty. Part quaint dolls house, part macabre salon, wholly-rendered in Valrhona; this deliciously-intricate creation is designed to call to mind the hives that reside on Fortnum’s rooftop.

M&S Sculptured column egg

M&S Marks and Spencer column chocolate easter egg

The classic Easter egg isn’t easy to reinterpret, but M&S has had a go with this splendidly-rendered sculptural number. The top half egg sits supported on a quintet of almost-Aztec gold-patterned, egg-shaped praline ‘pillars’, and the handy halves make it simple to share… should you be so inclined, mind.

Creighton’s Bling Bling egg

Creighton's bling bling milk whilte chocolate easter egg

One for the magpie-eyed muncher, Creighton’s milk-or-white creation is bedecked with booty – all of it edible. A lustre-dusted chocolate ‘diamond’ is the jewel in a crown which also comprises ruby-red raspberry powder, popping candy pieces, palatable pearls, and enough metallic chocolate buttons to make a pearly king proud.

Rococo Salt & Pepper eggs

Rococo salt and pepper chocolate Easter eggs

Resembling a sleek monochromatic cruet set, this is, aesthetically, Rococo’s most elegant, understated option. But looks can be deceiving; in the eating, these eggs boast a pretty playful profile. The mellow milk chocolate egg sparkles with sea salt, whilst a combo of chilli and pepper adds decadence to its dark counterpart.

Artisan du Chocolat Geode chocolate rock egg

Artisan du chocolat Geode Easter egg

Avalable in blue or green, these gorgeously-glittery ‘geodes’ get their sparkle from sugar and are hewn in a well-judged combination of 100% dark Dominican Republic and sweet white chocolates; the contrasting combo making this both a real treat and an intriguing eat – not to mention a veritable visual feast.

Demarquette Milk chocolate ostrich egg

Marc Demarquette Easter egg graffiti ostrich milk chocolate

This yellow is anything but mellow, and the egg itself every bit as colourful as its  chocolate-maker creator’s personality. Marc Demarquette’s oversized ostrich eggs are made with milk chocolate which blends beans from Venezuela, Madagascar and Java, each unique piece hand-painted and polished to perfection.

The Chocolate Society Coconut Easter egg

The Chocolate Society Easter coconut  egg

As the self-titled Cocoa Nut, I could hardly leave this off my lust list. In terms of aesthetics, The Chocolate Society’s egg is not far shy of an actual coconut; The thin dark chocolate outer shell undergoes some brilliant brushwork, whilst desiccated coconut lines the white chocolate interior. A sextet of coconut truffles accompanies.

Paul A Young Salted caramel egg, cup and spoon

Paul A Young Golden Easter egg

It goes without saying the shell is sublime, but the best bit about this golden egg is that it’s your ticket to a heaping helping of Paul’s now-legendary salted caramel; delivering a sizeable dose of the stuff that’s so good you won’t even feel bad about it. It comes in a cup, accompanied by a spoon that’s perfectly-proportioned for digging in.

LAKRIDS Dulce de leche chocolate and liquorice egg

LAKRIDS Liquorice chocolate Easter egg Johan Bulow

Liquorice-lovers like me often get short shrift where festive confectionary is concerned. But this beautifully-beguiling, almost-sculptural piece is an egg-citing Easter offering that caters to a craving for that very ingredient; filled with bite-sized balls of liquorice and Swiss dulce de leche chocolate, rolled in raw liquorice powder.

Paul Wayne Gregory Mango egg

Paul Wayne Gregory mango egg

Purchase, perhaps, for the person who feels they should be consuming less chocolate in favour of their five-a-day, but would really rather t’were the other way. This egg is a polished piece; not only in terms of physical finish but also exacting execution. Made from mango-studded milk chocolate, the totally tropical effect extends to the taste.

Zotter Flying Eggs

Zotter flying chocolate Easter eggs

Designed to appear otherwordly, these eggs share an acronym with spaceships – except in this case, ‘UFO’ refers to ‘United Flying Organic Chocolates’. Unlike alien craft, each of this octet has been identified; with typically-wacky flavours ranging from kirsch and caramel to strawberry and applemint to walnut and lavender.

Hotel Chocolate Rabot 1745 Extra-thick egg

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 extra thick origin Easter egg St Lucia Madagascar

Top-drawer single-origin stuff here, but still quirky and fun to work one’s way through. The contrasting chocolates in this year’s pair of half-shells enable the eater to compare a rich dark milk (St. Lucia 70%) with the lively, citrussy profile of 72% Madagascar dark. 14 inventive truffles showcase all sorts of other origins – just eggshellent.

Rococo Enormous Crocodile Egg

Rococo enormous crocodile Easter

Rococo’s imaginative chocolate creations are cherished by discerning individuals of all ages – as are Roald Dahl’s classic children’s stories. This Enormous Crocodile egg is enormous fun, featuring a foiled ‘mock croc’ patterned milk chocolate egg housing battalion of baby crocodiles.

Melt Large blossom dark egg

Melt large dark chocolate blossom easter egg

‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do… Can any chocolate-and-flower fan bear to resist you?’ Probably not, especially when the hand-hewn floral fancy in question is made from rich 68% chocolate, filled with mini eggs, and offers a rare example of ‘bloom’ being an acceptable attribute of a chocolate creation.

La Molina White chocolate Easter egg with caramelised cocoa

La Molina caramelised cocoa Easter egg chocolate white

An Easter egg for anyone who’s enamoured with the Alexander McQueen retrospective at the V&A? The delightfully-brash packaging would certainly suggest so. Creamy white chocolate offers a sweet, innocent backdrop for the crunchy caramelised nibs which lend a welcome bitter hit and terrific texture.

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