Easter chocolate – it’s not all egg-shaped

The Easter bunny might prefer to have all eggs in his basket, but it is possible to entirely avoid ovoid festive chocolate creations should you so wish. As any good dietician would tell you, eggs should be a part of a balanced diet; so best ingest some of these seasonal specialities alongside your more traditional treats over Easter weekend…

Hotel Chocolate Egg Sandwich

Hotel Chocolat egg sandwich Easter gift

Okay, so this one involves eggs – but in an innovative manner. Presented in packaging that would sit happily on the sandwich shelf, these sarnies would make an incredibly indulgent lunch. I’d choose the caramel chocolate.

James Chocolate Hot cross bun truffles

James Chocolates Hot Cross bun Easter trufflesWhen they’re not composed of cocoa, I’m a hot cross bun hater, but James’s so-inspired truffles are triumphant. Dried fruit and cinnamon pair with praline perfectly, making me a very happy (Easter) bunny.

Chococo Seasonal Easter selection box

Chococo large Easter selection seasonal chocolate box trufflesFeaturing a fine selection of seasonal speciality chocolates, Chococo’s collection adds both eggcitement and interest to Easter feasting. Amongst the innovative offerings, ‘Calamansi Fizz’ is a suitably celebratory choice.

Zotter Easter jewellery

Zotter Easter chocolate bunny decorations jewellery

Evidently no-one told Josef Zotter not to play with his food – or indeed turn it into edible jewellery. this easter kit comprises a sextet of bunny boxes; each containing a green tea, raspberry, or coconut chocolate ring.

Chocally Fried egg lollypop

Chocally mango fondant chocolate egg lolly Easter

Yes I know – it’s another egg – but it’s not eggsactly what one would eggspect from an Easter treat. This white chocolate lollipop with its mango fondant middle should raise more of a smile than my terrible yolks.

Zotter Egg Liqueur shot

Zotter egg liqueur chocolate shot

Sometimes we all need to self-medicate with sweets and Zotter’s seasonal syringe is the ideal way to do so at Easter. NB; its creator advocates that this advocat-and-white chocolate shot is administered orally, not intravenously.

Demarquette ‘Catch of the Day’

Marc Demarquette Catch of the Day Easter milk chocolates

There are plenty more fish in the sea if chocolate Easter bunnies don’t float your boat; quite literally in the case of Marc Demarquette’s milk chocolate ocean-dwellers. A super fish supper finale for Good Friday.

Melt Easter Spring Flower lollipop

Melt Chocolates chocolate flower spring lollipop

Flowers may look lovely but they’re also prone to wither away, leaving you with little. A bouquet of Melt’s hand-decorated decadent lollipops can be admired for as long as the receiver can resist cracking into the choc.

Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate Rainbow

Artisan du Chocolat chocolate rainbow As Above So Below Easter Collection

You won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow; just 18 soft-centred, super-cute chocolate jungle beasties with hearts formed of fillings including liquid caramel, hazelnut praline, and raspberry coulis.

And, for Easter feasting on the move… 

Shake Shack Covent Garden’s Easter Egg Concrete

Shake Shake Easter egg concrete Covent Garden

If you’re keen to drink up every last chance to consume chocolate this Easter, sip on Shake Shack’s seasonal ‘Concrete’ – vanilla frozen custard blended with salted marshmallow caramel and Paul A Young milk choc chunks.

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