Summer truffle season: Cool chocolates for hot days

The Chocolate Society Summer collection truffles ganaches large box 40

Summer chocolate consumption can be a tricky (and sticky) matter. Your cocoa cravings might not plummet as the temperature rises, but flavours need to be fresh and fierce – not the comforting creations you’d reach for in cooler times. Opt for fruity fillings, booze-laced ganaches and surprising savoury flavours to jolt tastebuds out of lazy submission, enliven your senses and give hot-weather-induced torpor what-for.

I think you’ll agree, the items on my summer-season wishlist are just the ticket.

Rococo’s Summer Collection

Rococo fresh ganache summer collection Barry Johnson Chantal Coady chocolate truffles

Barry Johnson and his ever-inventive team have come up with a bit of a Brit-centric summer selection, embracing some of the country’s quintessential and favoured flavours. Combining fruits with fragrant florals, the capsule collection comprises Gooseberry & Elderflower, Peach & Neroli, Pistachio & Rose, and Rhubarb & Custard.

Hotel Chocolat’s Chocs to Chill H Box

Hotel Chocolat Summer Chocolates to chill h box

There’s truth to the notion that eating chocolate at room temperature opens up the flavours, but it’s equally undeniable that crisp, chilled cocoa creations can be a top treat. From its passionfruit bombe through to a killer mojito number, this nineteen-piece box of chocs for the fridge is solid evidence that chilling can be thrilling.

La Maison du Chocolat’s Sweet & Savoury Collection

La Maison du Chocolat Sweet and Savoury chocolates summer

La Maison du Chocolat’s intriguing choc box gives new and literal meaning to ‘vegging out with a treat’. A sunshine-hued shell houses five varieties; earthy hazelnut and porcini, sweet-savoury caramelised onion ganache, piquant red pepper ganache, olive oil and black olive praline, and plain ganache with a lick of sea salt.

Chococo’s Totally Twisted Nose Gift Box

Totally Twisted Nose gin watercress truffles chocolates Chococo gift box

These funky domes aren’t just any booze-infused truffles – these are Academy of Chocolate Gold award-winners, and a thoroughly-refreshing showcase of local artisan products. The Dorset cream-based ganache is laced liberally with the eponymous Twisted Nose – a Hampshire watercress-flavoured, Winchester-made craft gin.

Sciolti Chocolates’ Milly Johnson’s Marilyns

Fiona Sciolti Yorkshire chocolates Milly Johnson's Marilyns

Marilyns (after Monroe, of course) are Fiona Sciolti’s physical manifestation of an idea conjured from the mind of Milly Johnson, author of ‘Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe‘. A sumptuous, scrumptious double-enrobed summer fruit ganache is made a little more fizzy and frivolous with a spritz of Champagne.

The Chocolate Society’s Summer Collection

The Chocolate Society Summer collection truffles ganaches large box 40

These ornate orbs taste as awesome as they appear, the collection offering ten tempting and oft-unusual options. From aniseed-like Fennel Pollen to fragrant, lusty Yuzu & Basil and caramels made with tiny, intense Wild Strawberries or totally tropical Passionfruit & Caramel, this box properly rocks.

Prestat’s Yuzu Sake Truffles

Prestat Yuzu and sake chocolate truffles

Splendidly summery from the bright box through to the flavour combination, one can imagine The Queen kicking back on the palace lawn with a box of Royal Warrant-holding Prestat’s Yuzu Sake chocolates. Zesty and zippy, they’re quite the thing this season – and Kitty Arden’s packaging will sit pretty on the table.

The Chocolate Smiths’ BBQ and Berry Minty Limited-Edition Bizarre Bars 

The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Bar Limited edition chocolate BBQ barbecue Summer

Finally, for a little frivolity, look no further than The Chocolate Smiths, whose Bizarre Bars are frequently eye-opening and always fun. The Barbecue Bizarre is a savoury-sweet summer treat mixing milk chocolate with spice-infused beef jerky, whilst Berry Minty combines strawberries, mint and 70% dark choc.

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