Hear it & eat: Chocolate-themed songs imagined as chocolates Part 2

For fans of fine chocolate, dubious music, and tenuous links betwixt the two, this week’s post truly is a Rolo-over jackpot. Last week’s article paired songs involving chocolate with the truffle or bar each featured track called to my mind; quite possibly leaving those curious enough to listen to the list with Tay Zonday’s ‘unique’ ear worm ‘Chocolate Rain’ driving you cocoa loco all week long.

I, meanwhile, moved on to the sequel, scoffing choc as I listened to diverse ditties whose only commonality is cocoa. fear not – there’s nothing second-best about the material that made it into the second choc-and-song pairing post: whether edible or aural, every item on this hit list is all killer, no filler.

Want to know how each chocolate sounds? Click the pic to hear the tune…

The 1975 – Chocolate

Fifth Dimension peanut butter and raspberry Boston chocolate

A happy, upbeat, jolly-sounding song calls for a chocolate that evokes the same emotions in the eating; so accompany this one with Fifth Dimension’s AoC bronze-award-winning milk chocolate peanut buttter and raspberry ‘Boston’ truffle. Fittingly for a track whose lyrics are almost certainly about drugs, the flavour combo is entirely addictive.

Snow Patrol – Chocolate

East Indian Company Bombay Chai chocolate bar Indian spices masala tea

Turn this song on during one of those rare and treasured duvet days when it’s raining outside and you’re snug as a bug in a rug in bed, with a hot cuppa providing a hug in a mug. To capture that same ‘comfort in cosiness’ in edible form, try The East India Company’s sweet, warmly-spiced Milk Chocolate with Governor’s Bombay Chai.

The Beatles – Savoy Truffle 


Jolly-yet-luxurious, with a fine, mousse-y ganache; bitter cocoa enrobing; fruity Tanzanian honey; velvety mouthfeel, and a little bit of wafer crunch that calls to mind the guitar riff in this track, Marc Demarquette’s African Queen could well be the very Savoy Truffle that the Fab Four sung about in this track.

 4 Non Blondes – Morphine & Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat cocoa gin spirit alcohol 250ml bottle cocoa cuisineThis huge and angsty power ballad packs more of a punch than the strongest of spirit-spiked chocolates. It’s the aural equivalent of an evening filled with tears and anger, determined resolutions, an eighties movie or few, and many, many measures of Hotel Chocolat’s robust Cocoa Gin.

Lil’ Jon featuring R. Kelly & Mario – Ms. Chocolate

Pralus Le 100 chocolate pure cacao All swagger, highly-inappropriate lyrics and super-slick beats, you really shouldn’t like this and you’re probably surprised that you do. In spite of its bad-boy stylings and your better instincts, it’s just so smooth and slips down all-too easily – much like Pralus’ seemingly-hardcore but extremely palatable, silky 100% Madagascar bar.

Doris Day – A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night

Hotel Chocolate Cheery Deluxe Selector Milk Dark Chocolate liqueur marzipan almond chocolate truffles

What sort of sundae would be seen dead without a cherry on the top? Definitely not one worthy of a Doris Day ditty. This song makes one want to be sipping liqueur in a smoky jazz club – or at very least, to be slowly savouring one of Hotel Chocolate’s rich milk-and-dark chocolate enrobed, amaretto-and-kirsch-laced Cherry Deluxe truffles.

Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus

Matthieu de Gottal whisky chocolates truffles Kashmiri chilli

Tom Waits’ deliciously creaky vocals sound at once abraded and smoothed by whisky, and one suspects there’s been tobacco involved, too. Matthieu de Gottal’s Indochine whisky truffle possesses all the requisite characteristics; it’s a warm and smoky boozy bonfire with a rich fruitiness; mellow but with a good dose of fire in its belly.

Gregory Isaacs One One Cocoa

Hotel Chocolate rum soaked sultana raisins milk chocolate

Mr. Isaac’s smooth and fruity, good-time reggae groove needs a decadent treat that calls the Caribbean to mind. In chocolate form, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s  Rum-Soaked Sultanas, featuring fruit that’s drowned in copious quantities of rich rum until quite spectacularly sozzled before getting a thick coating of mellow milk choc.

Miles Davis – Chocolate Chip

Akessons Madagascar Voatsiperifery pepper chocolate 75 dark

There’s a lot to this track – rich depth and flitting melodies; instant gratification and something slower-burning.  It possesses interesting and unexpected notes, just like Akesson’s attention-commanding 75% Trinitario with ‘Wild’ Voatsiperifery Pepper bar; the fruity sax sound echoed in the profile of the Madagascan chocolate.

Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Chip

The Chocolatier Popping pretzelnut award winning salted chocolate shards Aneesh Popat

A deeply-funky ditty, with just as much going on as The Chocolatier’s award-winning Popping Pretzel Nut 70% dark chocolate shards. Playful popping candy, hazelnuts, pretzels and sea salt do their thing against a big bold background, and, like in the song, the crazy components that should clash somehow come together.

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