This is Halloween: Scarily good themed chocolate

At Halloween, it can be screamingly tricky to find the sort of nicely nasty treats that look awful but taste great; novel creations that are scary only in terms of aesthetics and not because of their shockingly poor quality. If you’ve been haunted by some truly gruesome goodies in the past, fear not – the eerie edibles that follow are all wickedly good.

Creighton’s Chocolaterie Krang Brain

Creighton's Chocolaterie Krang brain Halloween chocolate

For some, the matter of eating grey matter is enough to mess with their mind. Others aren’t so squeamish, and this blood-spattered brain is for them. Entirely edible and cast in solid white chocolate, it’ll probably go better with a glass of Muscat than the ‘nice Chianti’ that charming cannibal Hannibal Lecter would no doubt recommend.

Fortnum & Mason Milk Chocolate Coffin

Fortnum and Mason Milk chocolate coffin with white chocolate bones Halloween

Judging by the bones in this box, it was the final resting place of a strange three-headed species – death by chocolate being the suspected cause of its untimely passing. The 15cm milk chocolate coffin is made of Fortnum & Mason’s own exclusive Tercentenary blend. The trick is not to eat this whole treat in one go.

Hotel Chocolat Choose Your Poison

Hotel Chocolat Choose Your Poison cocktail truffles Halloween chocolate

Hotel Chocolat’s boozy chocolates are always wickedly good and often scarily strong. Each of these colourful creations contains a cocktail-inspired filling whose names have a Halloween theme – Black Cat Martini, Corpse Reviver, Green Fairy, and Zombie. One too many and you might feel like the walking dead the morning after.

Grim Reaper Ghost Chilli Chocolate Trio

Grim Reaper Foods Chilli Chocolate Trio Halloween

The ghastly grim reaper on this packaging screams Halloween. ‘Hellraiser’ mixes milk chocolate with ghost chilli, orange, cinnamon and clove; ‘Purgatory’ pairs the same pepper with mixed spices, cocoa nibs and bergamot; and ‘Black Widow’ is ghost chilli-ed 70% dark choc with lemon oil and geranium.

Conjurer’s Kitchen Dental Disease Model

Conjurer's Kitchen chocolate skull jaw dental disease

A beautiful and brutal reminder of what will happen to your gnashers if you chomp too much choc. Conjurer’s Kitchen’s majestic models are as accurate as anything you’ll find in a medical museum, and are entirely rendered in Belgian chocolate. I bet you’ll clean your teeth properly after you’ve tucked into this treat.

Rococo Pumpkin filled with ganaches


It’s hand-painted, it’s super-shiny, and it promises not to turn into Cinderella’s coach come the witching hour. This bright-orange chocolate pumpkin is made with layers of dark and white chocolate and is further filled with five fine ganaches. The whole spooky shebang comes buried in a box bearing Rococo’s signature illustrations.

I Should Coco Chocolate Skull

I Should Coco Chocolate skull Halloween

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well… But I never realised he was made of white chocolate. This skull’s silvery sheen makes it appear to have got itself ready for a bit of a do, and accordingly, it’s the perfect party piece for a Halloween bash. Just ensure this ghoul keeps its cool and doesn’t end up as a melted mess.

Zotter Raspberry Blood Hand-Scooped Chocolate Bar

Zotter Raspberry Blood Hand-Scooped Chocolate Bar Halloween

Don’t be so squeamish. Yes, this contains real blood, but so do you and any meat you eat. And this 70% bar also includes tart raspberry ganache and Cornel cherry jelly – the blood, sourced from Josef Zotter’s own ‘Edible Zoo’, is simply the maker’s eccentric way of highlighting the plight of factory farmed animals and food origins.

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