Is it a bird? Is it a plain? No, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s new flavoured Supermilks

Hotel Chocolat supermilk-gin 65 milk chocolate 70g

The recent announcement that Cadbury is making the by-many-accounts unwelcome addition of sultanas to its Fruit & Nut has caused quite the brouhaha amongst innovation-averse Dairy Milk-munchers. Should the notion have got you down, take heed. I’m suggesting it’s high time you turn to the dark(er) side, check into Hotel Chocolat, and sample some new additions to the Supermilk family.

For the uninitiated, Supermilk is Hotel Chocolat’s own answer to CDM; perfectly Proustian in its ability to transport you back to that day so many moons ago when you first got your sticky mitts on a family-sized slab of Cadbury’s finest and, to your easily-pleased palate, it proved itself to be heaven in a purple wrapper.

But of course, Supermilk is a somewhat superior treat to eat: higher-cocoa, lower-sugar, ultra-moreish; rich, all-too-easy to enjoy. This 65% milk chocolate comes from Saint Lucia – one of only eight countries producing ‘fine flavour cocoa’; in this instance, farmed by the company’s 150 Island Growers partners.

And, as a plethora of new products demonstrate, it’s a great partner for all sorts of further flavours… all of them more scandalous than sultanas.

Supermilk with… Gin

65 Supermilk gin Hotel Chocolat chocolate milk

Does Mother’s Ruin ruin this bar? Not a bit of it. With pungent, clean juniper announcing itself before the mellow milkiness of the chocolate kicks in, it’s certainly quirky and won’t be for everyone; but even those people might find themselves going back for another go at this curious character. This is the chocolate version of the person the Buzzcocks asked you about when they sung, ‘Ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn’t have fallen in love with)?’

Supermilk with… Salt

Hotel Chocolat 65 salted milk chocolate

I take everything with a large and literal pinch of the proverbial – even going so far as to put salt on my salt. So salinity in sweet treats always pleases me, and this is no different. Seasoning the Supermilk serves to tease out nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed and making the chocolate taste more of itself. And that flavour, rich in red fruits and caramelly character, is brought into still-sharper focus with a judicious sprinkle of fairy dust salt.

Supermilk with… Earl Grey

Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65 Earl Grey chocolate St Lucia cocoa

When olives are crushed with high-quality, aromatic ingredients, the resulting elixir is several cuts above those oils to which flavours are added latterly – and the same applies to chocolate. In this example, Earl Grey tea leaves are conched with the cocoa, their floral flavour combining with chocolate from the 2014 harvest which revealed itself to be fantastically fruity. One to try if tea if your cuppa and you make yours milky.

65% Supermilk Vietnam Velvet beans

Hotel Chocolat Vietnam velvet 65 supermilk chocolate covered cocoa beans

If Jack got these kind of beans from his storybook stalk I’d be more likely to buy into their ‘magic’ prefix. Inside their cocoa-coated coats lies a layer of smooth Supermilk, the chocolate concealing a whole bean that’s been roasted ’til crunchy and ethereally light. A bit of bitterness from ex- and in-teriors both offsets the choc’s mellow milkiness to a tee. Textured, taste-full and terribly, terribly hard to stop popping into one’s mouth one after t’other.

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