Unlock London’s best chocolate with Taste Tripper

Taste Tripper envelope chocolate explorer pack London self-guided tour
The weather might be all over the place, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the last sliver of summer moping around, hoping for sunnier skies. Instead, get out and about – and get those mood-boosting endorphins from a heady cocktail of exercise and craft chocolate.

‘Chocolate?’ I hear you say, eyes lighting up like the Blackpool Tower after dark. Ha – I knew that’d get you pricking up your ears and licking your lips. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll tell you where to get a fine fix. You see, London’s streets flow with quality cocoa… providing you know where to look.

Look, I know you as an in-the-know chocovore know about Chocolate Ecstasy Tours already, so I won’t harp on about Jennifer Earle’s peerless expert-guided foodsplorations of the capital. Instead, I’ll introduce you to another of her brainchildren: the brand-new, box-fresh Taste Tripper – enabler of self-guided gourmet odysseys.

Jennifer Earle Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Taste Tripper founder expert guide

To p-p-p-pick up a pack created by TT’s crack team of knowledgeable gastronomes is akin to being handed the keys to the city; or, at least, the one that unlocks a whole new world – a dazzling place you never knew existed within London.

The Chocolate Explorer Pack is the first out of Taste Tripper’s stable (set to be swiftly be followed by a flurry of themes and cities). The ultimate and main aim? To enable you to wander the world eating the streets, all that pavement pounding allowing you to remaining remarkably slim and trim along the way.

Your Explorer Pack comes direct to your door, cleverly designed with a standard letterbox in mind. The envelope’s contents will turn you into a sort of chocolate-hunting Indiana Jones: an octet of cards to be exchanged for a unique complementary sampling experience in each of the featured venues (with a special offer on any further purchases), a tasting toolkit, a fold-out London chocolate map, and a trio of recipes to sate your cocoa cravings when you get back to base.

Taste Tripper complete contents London explorer pack

And Taste Tripper doesn’t just aim to educate you about chocolate – all sorts of information about London’s history and culture is revealed through the included fun facts and trivia. Gobble up the knowledge and you’ll be the only smartie with all the answers, because the eponymous cheap confectionary and its ilk are, of course, nowhere to be seen amongst the sleek treats you’ll encounter en route.

What price your passport to chocolate heaven? At £18 for a solo Taste Tripper or £30 for a pair of intrepid explorers, it’s really rather reasonable. No expiry dates, no pressure to purchase. No need to adhere to a prescribed itinerary, no insufferable bores on your tour. No filler, all killer, and more than £20 of chocolate to enjoy along the way. If you like staying ahead of the pack, I’d suggest you order your Explorer Pack before word gets out.

  • Taste Tripper’s Chocolate Explorer Pack costs £18+P&P for one person; £30+P&P for two people
  • For more information and to order, click here
  • To read more about the chocolate Jennifer Earle loves to eat, click here
  • To read my London foodie tips for Taste Tripper, click here

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