It’s not all egg-shaped: The alternative Easter chocolate guide

Think outside the box (or rather, the egg) this Easter and go instead for a chocolate gift that’ll surprise, delight, and perhaps even inspire the recipient to offer you a taster or two…

Demarquette Glam Clam


‘Sophisticated, unique and iridescently beautiful’ doesn’t just describe Mark Demarquette. One from his 2017 ‘Oceana’ collection, this iridescent 71.1% house blend chocolate shell conceals a clutch of hand-painted ‘Surf & Turf’ Sea Salt Caramel eggs.

  • Demarquette’s Glam Clam costs £28. To order, click here

The Chocolate Society Fried egg lollipops

The Chocolate Society fried egg lollipops Easter gift

Eggs, but not as you eggspected – and not an awful lot of lolly for lollies of this quality. The Chocolate Society works exclusively with Valrhona; basing this hand-piped trio on milk, dark, and deliciously toasty blonde ‘Dulcey’ examples from the range.

  • The Chocolate Society’s Fried egg lollipops cost £12. To order, click here

Rococo Absolution wrapper

Rococo Absolution charity chocolate bar wrapper Lent donation Chantal Coady

This is novel: eschew easter novelties in favour of a stylish wrapper than can be added to any chocolate bar in the Rococo range, the cost benefitting The Lent Appeal at St. Paul’s Knightsbridge. Designed in collaboration with Mr Smith’s Letterpress, it’s a tasty way to make a difference.

  • Rococo’s Absolution wrapper costs £1 to add to any bar. To order, click here

Carluccio’s Dragee flower bouquet

Carluccio's dragee chocolate flower petal posy Easter gift

The phrase ‘pretty in pink’ may well have been coined with these dragees in mind. Bound into a bouquet, the shiny sugar shelled petals on each handmade flower conceal dark chocolate centres. Do away with the eternal ‘flowers or chocolates’ dilemma – this ticks both boxes.

  • Carluccio’s Dragee flower bouquet costs £5.95. To order, click here

B Is For Brownie Hot Cross Brownies

B is For Brownie Hot Cross Bun Easter chocolate brownies slab

Hot cross buns are nowhere near as fun as these; not to mention not half as indulgent. Lou Cox’s Easter-inspired recipe decorates a generous slab of raisin-studded single-origin Colombian chocolate brownie with spiced Dominican Republic white chocolate crosses – lush.

  • B Is For Brownie’s Hot Cross Brownie slab costs £24. To order, click here

Mozart Dark chocolate liqueur

Mozart Austrian dark chocolate liqueur premium spirit alcohol

This cream liqueur tastes a lot like liquid velvet, were that imaginary material to have the fine flavour of bitter chocolate, bourbon vanilla and caramel. Don’t confine it to the glass – drizzle it over desserts or add a generous slug to a mug of hot chocolate.

  • Mozart’s Dark chocolate liqueur costs £19. To order, click here

Cocoa Runners Easter Collection

Josef Zotter Cuddly Bunny Easter chocolate limited edition blackcurrant bean to bar Austria

 Why have one craft chocolate when you could have four? Cocoa Runners’ Easter feast box comprises a quartet of brilliant bean-to-bars: Pump Street’s Honduras 80%; Rózsavölgyi’s Rio Caribe 76%; Idilio’s Swiss milk; and, as a shout to the season, Zotter’s wacky Cuddly Bunny bar.

  • Cocoa Runners’ Easter Collection costs £24.95. To order, click here

Paul a. Young Simnel billionaire’s shortbread

Paul a Young Simnel Easter Billionaire's Shortbread

One suspects that the ‘billionaire’ bit of this bar’s name refers to its richness. Composed of a buttery chocolate shortcake base, a layer of tender almond paste, sweet simnel fruits, spiced salted caramel and a choc top, a single slice should suffice – but it probably won’t.

  • Paul a Young’s Simnel billionaire’s shortbread costs £3.95. For store details, click here

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate & Gin Collection


There’s no escaping the fact that gin is ‘in’; and here it’s in chocolate and vice versa. Half-a-dozen ginfused chocolates, a bag of juniper-heady dark chocolate puddles, and two tiny-but-mighty bottles of small-batch cocoa gin should see the most spirited sort through Easter weekend.

  • Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate & Gin Collection costs £20. To order, click here
  • For five great hot chocolate recipes, click here
  • For more on chocolate-infused booze, click here
  • For more about B Is For Brownie, click here




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