The best chocolate eggs for Easter 2017, part 1

Easter should be feasting paradise for cocoa-nuts; but unfortunately the chocolate used for oh-so-many eggs is nothing more than crappy confectionary. Happily, that’s resolutely not the case with anything on this lust list. Good looking and great-tasting, they’ll make your Easter all the sweeter.

Melt Limited-edition Avocado Egg

Melt chocolate avocado Easter Egg superfoods cacao nibd goji berryjpg

It’s no dirty little secret that eggs and avocados are two of the clean-eating brigade’s most-beloved ingredients. Melt’s Easter effort references both, then adds a slew of superfoods to the mix. The dark chocolate mini eggs within the similarly-shaded shell are topped with bee pollen, almond nibs, cacao nibs, goji berries and quinoa – surely one for the healthy appetite.

  • Melt’s Limited-Edition Avocado Egg costs £49.50. To order, click here

Little Black Cat Gourmet Shahdara Egg

Little Black Cat Gourmet Anber Raz Pakistani fashion design chocolate easter egg shahdara

For her latest, greatest Easter offerings, Anber Raz has taken inspiration from catwalk and kitchen. This black-and-gold number references Pakistani fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s ‘City of Gardens’ collection. Rendered in 64% cacao single origin dark chocolate and white Belgian chocolate, it’s filled with candied chocolate pecans and comes with gilded salted chocolate popcorn.

  • Little Black Cat Gourmet’s Shahdara Egg costs £18. To order, click here

JK Fine Chocolates Caramel Eggs

JK Fine Chocolates Jamie Kemp bean to bar caramel Easter eggs

Jamie Kemp’s multi-layered, generously-sized triple truffles have become somewhat legendary in the chocolate world. For Easter, he’s elongated them into ovoids for a four-strong collection comprising a dark’n’fruity Vietnamese; a honeyed, bittersweet Ecuadorean; a creamy, caramelised Venezuelan milk, and the ‘Golden Oldie’ – Jamie’s classic milk chocolate sea salted caramel.

  • JK Fine Chocolates’ Caramel Eggs cost from £12.50 for eight. To order, click here

Fifth Dimension Columbian Cacao Egg

Fifth Dimension Chocolates Surrey chocolatier Easter egg dark Columbian cacao

Sometimes simple is all you need, as exemplified by Fifth Dimension’s uncomplicated Easter eggs. Beautifully hand-decorated with abstract designs that call to mind the Milky Way (or a particularly pretty Rorschach test), they’re available in 50% milk or 65% dark options – both making use of the Columbian cacao that’s so dear to Russell and Albert’s hearts.

  • Fifth Dimension’s Columbian Cacao Egg costs £13. To order, click here

J. Cocoa Deluxe Giant Gold Leaf Egg

J Cocoa Tenor Deluxe Giant dark chocolate Easter egg with mini eggs single-origin bean-to-bar

Brilliant bean-to-barist James has turned his totally tropical-tasting Tenor 66% chocolate (a double award-winner) into this oversized Easter treat. The choc’s so tip-top that the gold leaf is really gilding the lily, but who’s averse to a bit of bling? Should you need more reason to indulge, it’s accompanied by a set of caramelised milk chocolate ganache mini eggs.

  • J. Cocoa’s Deluxe Gold Leaf Egg cost £28. To order, click here

Demarquette School Run Milk Chocolate Giant Easter Egg


With an Easter collection that’s taken oceans of inspiration from the world’s seas, Marc Demarquette’s ostrich-sized egg is decorated with a gilded school of chocolate fish; the hand-painted blue hues beneath reflecting the changes in oceanic colours. And if you can bear to break it, it tastes as good as it looks – hewn from Demarquette’s 35% house blend milk chocolate.

  • Demarquette’s School Run Milk Chocolate Giant Easter Egg costs £3o. To order, click here

Chocolate Society Coconut Egg

This one appears on this Cocoa Nut’s lust list again and again. It’s not just the name that does it – I’m a sucker for a choc-coconut combo, and this one ticks the boxes for style and substance. Made from Valrhona white chocolate whose interior is peppered with pieces of desiccated coconut, its dark chocolate exterior is hand-brushed… and it comes with half-a-dozen coconut truffles.

  • Chocolate Society’s Coconut Egg costs £29.99. To order, click here

Well + Happy Raw Easter Eggs

Well and Happy raw cacao chocolate easter eggs salted caramel cashew peanut butter jelly healthy gluten free dairy free

A healthy indulgence in every sense of the word. This hand-made trio is free from dairy and gluten, and swaps refined sugar for the coconut kind. Each unroasted organic cacao shell is filled with a nutritious, delicious filling: tahini-and-date-based salted caramel, cashew-enriched coconut cream, and peanut butter jelly. They beat a Creme Egg any day – how will you eat yours?

  • Well + Happy’s Raw Easter Eggs cost £15.00. To order click here

Hotel Chocolat Hard-Boiled Easter Egg – 100% Dark

Hotel Chocolat 100% hard boiled Easter egg with Gianduja hazelnuts

Just because you’ve spurned sugar shouldn’t mean you eschew Easter treats. So meet Hotel Chocolat’s devilishly dark 100% number. Made with Saint Lucian cacao from the company’s estate, it’s a big of a fruit and nut case – further featuring raisins and almonds studded through the shell. Extra indulgence comes in the form of 100% gianduja-coated Piedmontese hazelnuts.

  • Hotel Chocolat’s Hard-Boiled Easter egg – 100% Dark costs £15. To order, click here

Lakrids Dulce de Leche Egg

Lakrids liquorice Easter egg with chocolate dulce de leche

Black is the new black as far as this beauty’s concerned. If you love liquorice, this’ll make for an eggcellent Easter – for each of the spheres inside the shell conceal a bullet of Johan Bulow’s finest artisan example of the genre. A dash of habanero chilli provides the sting in the tail; while a thick shell of strawberry chocolate makes the experience all the more fruitful.

  • Lakrids’ Dulce de Leche Egg costs £24.95. To order, click here
  • Stay tuned to discover even more of 2017’s best Easter eggs…
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  • To read more about Lakrids, click here
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