The best chocolate eggs for Easter 2017, part 2

A great big Easter egg should be the highlight of any chocoholic’s Bank Holiday weekend. But turning the brown stuff into an ovoid often seems to transform it into something you want to avoid – cheap, nasty chocolate that leaves you full of remorse; a fatty film on the roof of your mouth and a sugar rush coursing through your veins.

  Don’t fall prey to those fur-coat-no-knickers chocolate creations again. Instead, make 2017 the year you eschew those bad eggs in favour of something far finer…

Chococo Luxury Madagascar 65% MegaMilk Egg

Chococo Easter Madagascar Mega Milk chocolate egg

RAISETRADE’s 65% Madagascan tree-to-bar dark milk chocolate is the very special building material used for Chococo’s multi-faceted egg. In the eating, expect far less of a sugar rush than with most milk chocolate, plus an abundance of those mouthwateringly acidic red berry notes that are so typical of the origin – all mellowed out with comforting caramel tones. Milk chocolate, but not as you know it.

  • Chococo’s Luxury Madagascar 65% MegaMilk Egg costs £16.95. To order, click here

Artisan du Chocolat Sculpture Egg
Artisan du Chocolat Sculpture Easter egg 70% Colombian cacao

You won’t know whether to eat this or position it in your home as a piece of installation art. Until, of course, those cocoa cravings kick in. Made from 70% Colombian chocolate, the shimmering gold teardrop-shaped frame showcases a ganache-filled egg that’s made all the richer by its 24-carat gold leaf adornment. A smattering of filled mini eggs add extra eggcitement.

  • Artisan du Chocolat’s Sculpture Egg costs £35. To order, click here

Creighton’s Chocolaterie Flower Petal Egg

Creighton's Chocolaterie Flower Petal Easter egg white chocolate

Bring the outside in whatever the weather this Easter weekend. For this petal-prettied number, Creighton’s drew inspiration from the quintessentially British garden party. A thick white chocolate shell gives you something to get your teeth into, whilst a row of real pink marigold petals adds an ethereal feel. Want even more whimsy? The gift box is tied with pink satin ribbon.

  • Creighton’s Chocolaterie’s Flower Petal Egg costs £14.95. To order, click here

Fraise Sauvage A Million Ways egg

Frais Sauvage chocolate Easter egg A Million Ways Original Beans dessert

Terri Mercieca is known for eye-catching creations that stop the show and please the palate. This is one such number – and only 100 are available for pickup from her Hackney studio. Showcasing different origins from Original Beans’ chocolate range, the egg halves cradle a gold leaf-adorned dessert comprising a mousse, brownie, cremeux, salty chocolate crumbs and a chocolate jelly.

  • Fraise Sauvage’s A Million Ways egg costs £30. To order, click here

Rococo Superior Seagull salted caramel eggs

Rococo chocolate Superior Seagull salted caramel ganache Easter eggs

These sugar-shelled morsels might resemble real eggs, but luckily you won’t have to incur the wrath of an angry seagull or brave a perilous cliff edge in order to get your mitts on them. Once you’ve crunched the shell, you’ll reach a fine filling of fleur de sel salted caramel ganache. I’m willing to wager you’ll down the dozen in a single sitting – and what’s more, you’ll have fewer regrets than Edith Piaf.

  • Rococo’s Superior Seagull salted caramel eggs cost £9.99. To order, click here

Fortnum & Mason Splendid Egg

Fortnum and Mason Splendid milk chocolate Easter egg with strawberry Champagne truffles

This super-deluxe milk chocolate Easter offering opens up to reveal a sumptuous secret – its interior is lustre-dusted in brilliant gold. Housed in a jewellery box in Fortnum’s trademark eau de nil, it’s filled with an octet of strawberry and Champagne truffles whose rich red finish is designed to call to mind rubies. Share with someone to let them know you think they’re a real gem.

  • Fortnum & Mason’s Splendid egg costs £75. To order, click here

Dormouse Chocolates Bean To Egg

Dormouse Chocolates bean to bar Manchester Easter egg Isobel Carse

There’s a strictly limited number of these in eggsistence, so make haste if you want to taste anything from Team Dormouse this Easter. Made with the company’s very own bean to bar chocolate and accompanied by truffles from the same origin, they’re available in Guatemalan 51.5% milk, Madagascan 75.6% dark, and Guatemalan 72% dark editions – the latter two suitable for vegans.

  • Dormouse Chocolates’ Bean To Egg costs £10. To order, click here

Paul a. Young Machu Picchu Egg

Paul a Young Peruvian Easter egg Guittard 65% Machu Picchu + Truffles

Paul’s one of the first British chocolatiers to be working with chocolate from American company Guittard, and he’s used it to pretty splendid effect in 30 of these 65% Machu Picchu Peruvian chocolate eggs; imprinting them with Mayan script and decorating them with 22-karat gold. To really gild the lily, he’s thrown in a box of 9 gold leaf Machu Picchu caramel ganache truffles.

  • Paul a. Young’s Machu Picchu egg costs £75. For store details, click here

Simply Chocolate The Egg

Simply Chocolate The Egg Danish brass filled Easter egg

You might never want to hear the word ‘hygge’ again, but that’s no reason not to cosy up to this beautiful brass number clearly laid by a bird with an eye for sleek Scandi style. Inside the metal shell you’ll find 15 solid half-eggs in a trio of flavours – milk chocolate with coconut pieces, dark chocolate with ground hazelnut, and white chocolate with raspberries and Persian liquorice.

  • Simply Chocolate’s The Egg costs £39.95. To order, click here
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