Who is The Cocoa Nut?

Zoe profile

I’m Zoe Perrett, most commonly known in my guise as ‘The Spice Scribe‘ and most commonly found writing about all things Indian food. But those who know me know I’ve long harboured a not-so-secret secondary passion: chocolate. From the cheapest chocolate tools from the corner shop to the most terrific truffles from the world’s most wonderful Willy Wonkas, I’ll have it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m pretty discerning. But, as an equal-opportunities eater, I can also discern that there’s often something to appreciate in the most unlikely of treats. When it comes to cocoa, I’m like a bloodhound. If it’s around, I’ll track it down. And you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll soon read all about it here…

If you spot something on shelves you reckon I should get my hands on, make your own chocolate creations, or know someone who does, fill in the contact form below or email talktothecocoanut(at)gmail(dot)com

You can also find me on Twitter as @The_Cocoa_Nut, ‘Like’ ‘Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut‘ on Facebook, and add me to your circles on Google+.

I can’t promise to love everything I taste, but I can promise I’ll taste everything!

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