The most cracking chocolate eggs for Easter 2016

If you’re both a cocoa nut and an egg-head, prepare to get seriously egg-cited over these cracking chocolate offerings for Easter…

M&S Single Origin Cocoa Pod

Marks & Spencer Single Origin Cocoa Pod chocolate Easter egg £12.00 265g

  • In an eggshell: A lustre-dusted cocoa pod crafted from Dominican 70% chocolate and a host of single origin tasting tiles.
  • Buy it: £12.99 from Marks & Spencer

Paul a. Young Salted Caramel Hen’s Egg

Paul a Young signature salted caramel filled milk chocolate Easter egg in china cup with spopn 95g Camden Passage Soho Royal Exchange

  • In an eggshell: A perennial Paul favourite brimming with that inimitable salted caramel perched atop a keepsake china eggcup.
  • Buy it: £19.95 from Paul a. Young

Lick The Spoon’s ArtNouvO Dragonfly Easter egg

Lick the Spoon Raisetrade Madagascar chooclate Easter egg hand-painted

  • In an eggshell: Hand-painted and made from Raisetrade Madagascan 75% chocolate, in a box which hides fine truffles in the base.
  • Buy it: £85 from Lick The Spoon

Benjamin Chocolatier Scratch Egg

Benjamin Chocolatier handmade scratch egg 70 dark cuban chocolate easter egg

  • In an eggshell: Smoky Cuban 70% chocolate is the medium for this nature-inspired ovoid – think tobacco, smoke, wood and leather.
  • Buy it: £22.50 from Benjamin Chocolatier

Melt Chocolate Abstract Egg 

MELT Notting Hill Chocolate Abstract Egg Easter £120

  • In an eggshell: A 35% milk chocolate canvas gets a hand-painted strained glass treatment. Inside hides six salted chocolate squares.
  • Buy it: £120 from Melt, collection recommended

Sarah Barber’s Handcrafted Easter Egg

Sarah Barber Hotel Cafe Royal chocolate Easter Egg Executive pastry chef

  • In an eggshell: A strictly-limited, sculptural avant-garde number from a master pastry chef, filled with golden salted caramels.
  • Buy it: direct from Hotel Cafe Royal

    Gorvett & Stone Cinder toffee egg

    Gorvett & Stone Dark Chocolate Cinder Toffee Egg Gorvett & Stone Easter

    • In an eggshell: A tasty treat in which local Oxfordshire honey goes into the cinder toffee which goes into the walls of the 70% Valrhona egg itself.
    • Buy it: £22.95 from Gorvett & Stone

Demarquette Black Aurum Easter Egg

Marc Demarquette chocolate easter egg black-aurum-easter-egg-factory-pick-up-only

  • In an eggshell: Triple gold award-winning 71.1% Demarquette CacaoLux chocolate meets pure 22.5 carat gold in this unique number.
  • Buy it: £55 from Demarquette, factory pick-up only

The Chocolate Society Monochrome Egg

The Chocolate Society Easter collection monochrome-black-egg

  • In an eggshell: Dark and dashing in looks and taste, made with 62% Valrhona chocolate. Comes with addictive truffled hazelnuts.
  • Buy it: £29.50 from The Chocolate Society

Little Black Cat Gourmet’s Baby Dragon Egg

Little Black Cat Gourmet dragon-chocolate-egg

  • In an eggshell: A popping candy-laced raspberry milk chocolate dragon hatches from this 64% single origin dark and white chocolate egg.
  • Buy it: £25 from Little Black Cat Gourmet

Harrods Artisan Hand-painted Easter Egg

Harrods Artisan hand-painted milk chocolate Easter egg

  • In an eggshell: A pretty speckled number with a slightly space age look, made with milk chocolate and filled with gianduja chocolates.
  • Buy it: £39.95 from Harrods

Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Beehive Sculpture

Fortnum & Mason beehive Easter egg Valrhona chocolate

  • In an eggshell: A Valrhona chocolate ode to the store’s rooftop bees made by a mother and daughter, only two of these colossal confections exist.
  • Buy it: £250 from Fortnum & Mason, collect in-store

Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Egg

Artisan du Chocolat Balloon egg Easter Up Up and Away chocolate

  • In an eggshell: It won’t get you airbourne, but the ganache mini egg-filled raspberry-and-Colombian dark choc egg might have you in heaven.
  • Buy it: £24.99 from Artisan du Chocolat

Fifth Dimension Single Origin Chocolate Easter egg 

Fifth Dimension chocolate egg single origin Columbia Ghanaian cocoa Easter gift hand-painted

  • In an eggshell: Simple yet effective, this highly-polished, hand-painted creation showcases single origin chocolate from Colombia or Ghana.
  • Buy it: £12.50 from Fifth Dimension Chocolates

La Maison du Chocolat Egg coquille

La Maison du Chocolate Egg Coquille real eggshell Easter chocolate luxury gift

  • In an eggshell: Don’t eat the shell – it’s a real hen’s egg. Inside, though, lies not yolk and white but an intense almond-hazelnut praline.
  • Buy it: £12.99 from La Maison du Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Extra-thick Easter egg

Hotel Chocolat extra-thick Rabot 1745 single estate origin Easter egg dark chocolate £29

  • In an eggshell: The two half-shells are as thick as two short planks – one Saint Lucian, one Madagascan – and hold a dozen decadent truffles.
  • Buy it: £29 from Hotel Chocolat

Gorvett & Stone Fried quails’ eggs

Fried Quails eggs Ivory white Valrhona chocolate Easter Gorvett & Stone

  • In an eggshell: If you don’t want to over-egg Easter these are ideal – cute and very poppable little puddles of Valrhona Ivory chocolate.
  • Buy it: £6.95 from Gorvett & Stone

Harrods Peanut butter egg cups 

Harrods peanut butter chocolate easter egg cups

  • In an eggshell: Harrods has cracked Easter with these topless treats whose milk chocolate shells are filled with praline and peanut butter.
  • Buy it: £15.95 from Harrods

LAKRIDS Black birdhouse

Lakrids Black Birdhouse chocolate Easter egg Johan Bulow

  • In an eggshell: This house is home to a nest of arresting liquorice-laced treats, including milk choc & mint and salted dulce de leche.
  • Buy it: £24.99 from Selfridges

Fortnum & Mason Jewellery Easter egg with letter charm

Fortnum & Mason jewellery Easter egg chocolate with silver charm

  • In an eggshell: Sugar pearl patterns on this milk chocolate egg resemble diamond designs. A sterling silver F&M letter charm on a chain is included.
  • Buy it: £175 from Fortnum & Mason

Zotter Gift basket


  • In an eggshell: All the eggs in one basket – or at least an octet of them; filled with the likes of elderflower, walnut nougat or honey ganache.
  • Buy it: £9.90 from Zotter

The Chocolatier Dark chocolate eggs with hazelnut nougatine

The Chocolatier Aneesh Popat Easter Hazelnut Nougatine mini eggs chocolate

  • In an eggshell: Crisp, crunchy and quite quite nutty – mouthfuls of caramel brittle-slash-hazelnut heaven enveloped in Valrhona dark chocolate.
  • Buy it: £9.95 from The Chocolatier

JK Fine Chocolates Little luxurious caramel eggs

JK Oliver Jamie Kemp bean to bar chocolate eggs Easter triple truffle ganaches


  • In an eggshell: A triffic trio of caramels – salted in Madagascar milk choc; hazelnut in 66% Grenada; strawberry in Madagascar white.
  • Buy it: £11.50 for 8, £16 for 20 from JK Fine Chocolates

Rococo Blossom egg

Rococo Chantal Coady chocolate eggs Easter

  • In an eggshell: A pound of Rococo’s house blend 65% dark chocolate, hand-painted with cherry blossom and filled with a selection of top chocs.
  • Buy it: £42.50 from Rococo, in-store only

    Artisan du Chocolat Elf House

    Artisan du Chocolat chocolate Easter egg house dark single origin sculpture

    • In an eggshell: More ‘candy store’ than ‘elf house’, comprising Dominican plain, mole, and orchid & orange blossom choc and fruit & nut rochers.
    • Buy it: £19.95 from Artisan du Chocolat, reserve online and pick up instore
  • For Indian-inspired Easter eggs, click here
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